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HSE assist Bexar County with new website that helps residents avoid low-water crossings during major rain events.

San Antonio, TX, October 4, 2016 (ksat.com) 

OneRain & High Sierra Electronics Join Forces

Grass Valley, CA, August 11, 2016 (Newswire.com) - Logan Gayl, Inc., a California company owned by the shareholders of OneRain Inc., a leading software provider for the Flood Warning, Dam Safety, Reservoir Operations, and Hydrology markets, is proud to announce the acquisition of High Sierra Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of environmental monitoring and instrumentation for the Flood Warning, Hydrology and Road Weather markets. This acquisition combines the strengths of OneRain’s software, High Sierra Electronics’ hardware, and both companies’ services divisions to provide end-to-end-supported software, instrumentation and field services to the hydrology marketplace.

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Update on Bexar County HALT System

06/21/2016 - Bexar County reported that 127 of their HSE high-water detection systems were activated during the recent flooding in late May and early June.  The County started adding these systems in 2009 and now have 185 of them deployed.  On 21 June 2016 commissioners are expected to vote in favor of adding more systems in San Antonio and Alamo Heights.

Renee Green, Bexar County Public Works Director says the 127 alerts that went off this spring are an example of the success of this technology.  "I look at that as 127 high water rescues that we were able to avoid with this HALT system," says Ms. Green.

HALT is an acronym for High water Alert Lifesaving Technology.  

Read more: http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/county-plans-to-add-to-flood-warning-system

Bexar County HALT System

06/01/2016 - "Bexar County is expanding a system meant to save lives into the city limits while San Antonio is expecting more rain and the potential for flooding this week." - KSAT News