Hosted Data Monitoring Services - Model 8301-01
Hosted Data Monitoring Services - Model 8301-01





  • View data quickly and easily
  • Customized to your needs
  • Use web-enabled devices
  • Hosted on secure network with back-up
  • Optional hosted public website




Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and Automatic Flooded Roadway Warning Systems (AFRWS) collect and disseminate vital information from stream, pavement, and weather sensors. Access to the data is just as important as the system collecting it. The ability to view system data quickly and easily enables maintenance and operations personnel to monitor changing weather conditions in real time and to make informed, timely decisions. Besides providing comprehensive user software for use by its customers to operate and maintain their weather collection systems, HSE provides Hosted Data Monitoring Services.

The Hosted Data Monitoring Services span across all market segments served by HSE, including RWIS, AFRWS, HydroMet monitoring systems and Dam and Levee Safety systems. Hosted Data Monitoring Services can be customized to each client’s needs and preferences.

Visualization of information from flood warning and RWIS networks in a matter of seconds is critical in the decision making process. Allowing multiple viewers to access that real time data anywhere they can access the web is of even more value. Authorized users can quickly see the information they need on their web-enabled devices. With Hosted Data Monitoring Services there is no need for dedicated PC’s or specialized applications. Most customer agencies choose to own and operate Central Software themselves. Others prefer remote hosted services be provided on an annual contract basis. Still others support independent redundant system monitoring as part of an HSE Hosted Data Monitoring Service package. (In this case, the customer owns and operates their own Central Software/Base Station, while HSE Field Operations independently logs data from the system in support of its maintenance responsibilities.)

HSE can host system data remotely via number of means, depending on the system architecture. These connections are typically through an existing network, bridged via cell modem, direct radio feed, or satellite. The Hosted Data Monitoring Services can provide a range of access, data archival, and notification services:

  • Secure internet access to system data without specialized software
  • Hosted on secure, enterprise network with automatic data back-up
  • Optional hosted public web site (customized to show only what is directed to be displayed)
  • Real-time monitoring with alarm & notification capability (public works, sheriff dispatch, etc.)
  • Maintenance personnel notifications: e-mail, text message (SMS), voice, fax
  • Custom reports & graphs
  • Customer access to data archival & administrative functions
  • FTP transfer of selected data to agency or other database (agency GIS, MADIS [formerly CLARUS], weather forecast provider, alternate web display provider, etc.)


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General Terms and Conditions

Model 8310-01 ......... Data Services, Data Connectivity Set-up  (Hourly rate)
Model 8310-02 ......... Data Services, Hosted Service (per Site)
Model 8310-03 ......... Data Services, Secure Hosted Cellular Service (Monthly rate)
Model 8310-04 ......... Data Services, Standard Hosted Cellular Service (Monthly rate)
Model 8310-05 ......... Data Services, Monitoring Services (Monthly, per site)
Model 8310-06 ......... Data Services, Hardware Maintenance Support (Hourly rate)
Model 8310-07 ......... Data Services, Monitoring Report Service (Hourly rate, plus fee per site)



Model 8205-05 ......... RWIS Software Suite
Pre-construction and Site Completion ......... Pre-construction and Site Completion Services
Field Maintenance Services ......... Field Maintenance Services for your equipment
Training ......... Factory and on-site training services
Repair and Calibration ......... Repair and calibration services



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