Rain Gauge Station - Model 3424
Rain Gauge Stations - Model 3424
Shown with optional directional antenna.





  • Real-time Data
  • Accuracy of ± 1.5% for 0 to 2 Inches per Hour
  • Measures in 1 mm or 0.01 inch Increments
  • Set-And-Forget Operation




The Rain Gauge Station - Model 3424 generates real-time data to help in flood warning, reservoir management, and any other application that calls for timely rainfall information. The Rain Gauge Station's data provides information of precipitation patterns and events as they happen, helping the system operator understand and predict runoff. The Rain Gauge Station's information facilitates the decision making of emergency management personnel during times of potential flooding helping to save property and lives.

The Rain Gauge Station's Rain Gauge tipping bucket is machined from a solid piece of aluminum. This eliminates the possibility of cracks forming due to repeated freezing and melting which could result in leakage and errors. The Rain Gauge Station's standard tipping bucket measures 1 mm with each tip of the bucket. An optional 0.01 inch tipping bucket is available for your Rain Gauge Station.

With each tip of the bucket a magnet passes over a sealed reed switch. This switch closure increments one count in an accumulator (counter) circuit in the Rain Gauge Station's Transmitter. This awakens the transmitter and initiates a radio transmission to the Rain Gauge Station's base station consisting of the assigned sensor ID# and the accumulator value. As a result, the computer and its forecasting software computes within 1 mm the rainfall amounts at Rain Gauge Stations throughout the system.

When the tipping bucket top section is mounted on top of the Rain Gauge Station standpipe, the rain gauge funnel opening is 10 ft (3 m) above the ground.

For remote, hard to reach sites, an optional Radio Path Study can be made to analyze radio transmission paths, ensuring clean, accurate signals between various Rain Gauge Station locations.

The Rain Gauge Station - Model 3424 includes a weatherproof Standpipe Assembly, Data Transmitter w/battery, Rain Gauge Top Section, Antenna, and Antenna Mast & Cable.

NOTE: May require additional software and/or hardware to receive/retrieve data. Please contact us for more information.



Refer to individual Rain Gauge Station components for specifications


HSE Warranty
General Terms and Conditions

Model 3424 ......... Rain Gauge Station
     Model 7000-00 ......... Rain Gauge Station Standpipe Assembly, Antenna, and Mast
     Model 3306-00 ......... Rain Gauge Station ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter
     Model 2400-00 ......... 1 mm Rain Gauge Top Section (12 inch (30.5 mm) Orifice)
NOTE: May require additional software and/or hardware to receive/retrieve data. Please contact us for more information.

Model 2400-40 ......... 0.01 inch Rain Gauge Top Section (12 inch (30.5 mm)) Orifice)
Model 2400-50 ......... Tip Rate Compensator - 0.5% accuracy
Model 7000-01 ......... Standpipe Door (Specify Position on Standpipe)
Model 7000-02 ......... Extended Lengths of Standpipe (Price per Foot)
Model 7000-04 ......... Mounting Bracket (to mount standpipe against walls, railings, etc.)
Model 7000-06 ......... Conduit Mounting Tabs (hold-downs)
Model 7000-09 ......... Standpipe Guard Ring, 16 inch h x 15.25 inch dia. (40.6 cm h x 38.7 cm dia.)
Model 7200-00 ......... Antenna Lightning Protection
Model 7105-04 ......... HSE High Gain Directional Antenna
Model 5301-03 ......... 100 mA Solar Panel
Radio Path Study ......... Review and analyze radio transmission paths, at customer site, to ensure clean, accurate signals between various locations.
Series 3800 ......... RF Power Amplifier



Model 3425-00 ......... Heated Rain and Snow Gauge Station
Model 3451-00 ......... Packaged Weather Station
Model 3466-00 ......... Water Level Monitoring Station
Pre-construction and Site Completion ......... Pre-construction and Site Completion Services
Field Maintenance Services ......... Field Maintenance Services for your equipment
Model 8310-01 ......... Data Services, Data Connectivity Set-up
Repair and Calibration ......... Repair and calibration services



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