City of Grandview, MO Road Weather Monitoring


      Grandview road weather monitoring system


Grandview road weather monitoring system

In the past, the City of Grandview’s Public Works Department had minimal information about the weather conditions near their main street facility. According to Rodney Richards, the City’s Engineering Inspector, this particular area has had a history of traffic safety issues relating to slippery or icy pavement. The City wanted to be able to collect and monitor atmospheric and road data information for better management – when to apply winter abrasives or when to warn motorists of dangerous conditions.

Rodney learned about the road weather monitoring products via our company website and then reached out by phone for more information. He explained his application and then we discussed what sensors and type of communication would work best for the road weather monitoring application.

The road weather monitoring system consists of a remote station installed on an existing light pole near the roadway. Using the existing infrastructure helped keep down the cost of the road weather monitoring project, so that it fit within the City’s budget. The measured parameters include a Surface Sentinel, which monitors road surface temperature, air temperature and humidity, and an anemometer and tipping bucket rain gauge. The road weather monitoring sensors are connected to our 3512 Controller/Datalogger inside a compact aluminum enclosure. The remote road weather monitoring station operates on solar power using a 40 watt panel mounted on the pole with a 40 Amp hour battery inside the enclosure.

The road weather monitoring site communicates via spread spectrum radio to the public works facility where the master station is located. The master road weather monitoring station and the remote station are in close proximity to each other and provide full line of site communication. The master road weather monitoring station is connected to a dedicated computer running DataWise (DW) Version 10 Software. DW is a good choice of software because it not only collects and visualizes the road weather monitoring data, but includes a full suite of database management tools, analysis, and archiving capabilities.

The road weather monitoring data is gathered and stored in a standard open source MySQL database and displayed on web pages that can be accessed by any standard web browser. The pages can be viewed through a Local Area Network (LAN) or via the web where they can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

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