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      Stanislaus County traffic safety system Stanislaus County traffic safety system

September 2007 brought the installation of another Advance Warning System for roadway flooding and traffic safety. This installation activates six flashing beacon traffic safety systems and lowers barrier gates across three rural roads crossed by Orestimba Creek in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California. In November 2005 a vehicle was swept away at this location and a life was lost in the floodwaters. The traffic safety system is entirely solar powered and utilizes wireless communications for automatic or manual activation and status reporting. Orestimba Creek has a long history of flash flooding when precipitation is high in the coastal range west of the area

The traffic safety system activated for more than three days during a major weather event in January 2008, activating flashing beacons, lowering barrier arms, and notifying Stanislaus County Road Maintenance Supervisors via text and e-mail messages. Storms later that month activated the traffic safety system for seven days. Traffic safety system activity and detailed water level data are monitored by County personnel via web browse.

Historical flood level and traffic safety system activation data is available for review at the base station running specialized monitoring software. Data is also monitored by HSE personnel who are automatically notified when the waters rise and the traffic safety system activates. As requested by the County, the traffic safety system's barrier gate arms remain down once activated until County crews inspect the roads. When sure a road is safe for travel, County personnel raise the traffic safety system gate arms by remote control from the comfort of their vehicle.

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